The Shackled City Redux

Drakthar's Way

The party continued their descent into the depths of Cauldron – fighting more goblins then finally confronting the bugbear vampire – Drakthar – who it seemed had been smuggling contraband into Cauldron via a system of lava tubes that eventually exited onto a wooded area on the slopes below Cauldron’s walls. It seemed that Drakthar had been employed by an ogre mage known only as the Blue Duke, who had in his turn been employed by persons unknown to smuggle mercenaries into the city. It was said that the mercenaries were half-orcs but the party found no evidence of this. Now the tunnels are under the control of Orak, who’s domination ended on Drakthar’s death.
However, alone he cannot guarantee the security of the tunnels and he cannot reconsecrate the Temple of Moradin defiled by the goblin tribesmen that served Drakthar. He now looks to Barek to guide him in this, touched as he is by Moradin’s favour following the driving out of the darkness from his temple.


Lukedelacey Lukedelacey

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