The Shackled City Redux

A Short Interlude

After the defeat of Drakthar the three adventurer’s emerged from the tunnels to be met by an apologetic and grateful Orak. He pledged his service To Barrack and requested that Barrack undertake the reconsecration of the Temple.
Taking on this new role with enthusiasm Barrack took to the streets preaching to the dwarven community, meeting with dignitaries of the gnome and halfling communities and mixing in some of the higher class areas of Cauldron.
Gallad, whilst plying his trade as a gambler began hearing tales of the three companions who drove the goblin menace from Cauldron. At the same time Barrack began promoting himself as a hero of Cauldron assisted by his left and right hands, a newsteller, a halfling called Felix took up this theme and began putting about tales of the trio’s heroic acts – though not all were quite true.
Meanwhile whilst browsing in Skie’s Treasury Fllar found a cloak which enhanced his abilities somewhat, whilst Skie told him of the cloak’s former owner – a beautiful newcomer to the town – Celeste.
After the clearing of the goblin menace the town of Cauldron seemed relatively peaceful and the most exciting thing appeared to be the upcoming Flood Festival and the following Demonskar Ball, a celebration of the founding of Cauldron by Sundabar Spellmason.
All this was doing nothing for the groups finances though so following up the rumours of a hidden shrine to some Olman god, which surely must have valuable treasures, the trio decided to have a go at treasure hunting – heading for the village of Gorbalin on the banks of the Harshil River, there to continue their trek into the jungle.


Lukedelacey Lukedelacey

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