The Shackled City Redux

A Plague of Goblins

Not long after the trial of Keygan Ghelve the city of Cauldron gained another nuisance. Goblins had been spotted on the streets late at night and where the goblins went, mayhem followed. Citizens were robbed at sword point, property was defaced with foul goblin graffiti and finally citizens of Cauldron were once again disappearing from the streets. Bareck felt that it was his responsibility to approach the town watch offering his services once again. The guard captain jumped at the chance, as his watchmen were stretched thinly trying to deal with their normal duties and recently had been sent on extended patrols dealing with incursions of gnoll raiders on the peripheries of Cauldron’s territory.
After a short time of patrolling the streets Galarad struck lucky stumbling on a group of goblins which he managed to follow to their base – Orak’s bath house – the goblins were working for a dwarf?


Lukedelacey Lukedelacey

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