The Shackled City Redux

Further Events in Cauldron

It is the 7th Goodmonth and the day is muggy but relatively cool without a cloud in the sky, with only a light breeze providing any relief. As you go about your normal business the talk of the streets is the arrest of Keygan Ghelve, for, as Felix the Newsteller shouts it across Cauldron, “Conspiracy and the handling of stolen goods and other contraband”. His trial is to be held on the 10th of Coldeven, four days hence in the Town Hall before the Mayor.
Without intervention from anyone the trial of Keygan proceeds rapidly and he is swiftly found guilty. He is sentenced to death but after a last minute appeal from Lord Vhalantru he is given over to the custody of Vhalntru who puts him to work changing all the locks within the city so a repeat of Kazmojen’s atrocities is not possible.
After this time the Autumnal weather sets in and it rains most evenings until around midnight when a damp all prevading fog shrouds the streets.


Lukedelacey Lukedelacey

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