The Shackled City Redux

2nd - 5th Coldeven

On your first day out of the Malachite Fortress you rest and recuperate. All back to full hit points after a nights rest and ready to take stock of your experiences. On the 4th Galarad searches out a spell book and continues his studies into magic, gaining his first level in wizard. Fflar finds himself able to cast more spells and develops his powers over the next 2 days, gaining a greater understanding of his magic. After a thorough study of his spell book – taking a further day Galarad wandered the streets of Cauldron – picking up the cant on recent events, accompanied on his wanderings by Maple, the halfling rescued by them from the Malachite Hold.
After contemplation Berreck found his skill with arms had increased as he became a warrior priest of Clangeddin. Donning the black armour of Kazmojen seemed a natural thing to do. Visiting the orphanage later on Berreck was surprised to learn that Terrem, the boy they thought lost, had been returned – unharmed and with a bag of platinum coins with a note written in the same hand as the note they received in a matching bag in the Fortress – this note said “For the future” whilst theirs’ said “Thank you for your aid”


Lukedelacey Lukedelacey

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