The Shackled City Redux

Starting Up

Ok so it starts this Sunday the 9th June 2013. The adventurers gather!

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Can you post some stuff on the campaign setting, it is difficult to think of anything to do with the party with no idea of where the campaign is set… religions, geography etc.


The setting is the city of Cauldron in the Amedio Jungle on the World of Greyhawk.


Amedio Jungle


Cauldron again

Just for info

Life's Bazaar
First Session

2nd Coldeven – Starday
The three unlikely friends, Galarad, FFlar and Barreck found themselves travelling towards the Tipped Tankard on their way to an evening of carousing and gambling untroubled by the recent troubles of Cauldron, those events not having impacted upon the trio as yet.
As they passed by one of the dark alleyways cutting between the main avenues a shaft of moonlight revealed a terrible sight.
There laid on the ground was a poor priest, of St Cuthbert from his robes, being set upon by a gang of thugs. Immediately upon seeing this Galarad snatching up a loose cobblestone tossed it at one the thugs, felling him with a well aimed blow to the temple. After a short fight the thugs laid unconscious about the three friends.
Just then whilst Galarad searched the fallen thugs for ‘clues’ a falling piece of masonry attracted the attention of both Fflar and Barreck, looking up they saw a shadowed figure attempting to reverse up the roof’s slope. Recovering her composure quickly the woman hissed at them
“Well done! But the cleric lives because we wish it so, not because of your misplaced bravado.” She then points a baleful finger at Ruphus and says,“Take these words back to your temple, priest! The children are lost and no longer St. Cuthbert’s concern.”
Galarad tossing a rock as a parting shot struck a glancing blow on the Last Laugh agent, but she shrugged it off hissing “We will meet again” as she disappeared over the roof tops and out of the adventurer’s grasp.
The trio’s first priority was to Ruphus, helping him along the bruised and battered priest to the Church of St Cuthbert, attracting along the way a watch patrol who were quickly directed to the thugs location.
Arriving at the Church, despite the late hour, they were met by Jenya, Ruphus’s mentor and highest ranking priest, in the absence of the High Priest. She quickly revealed her concern about the kidnappings from the orphanage and revealed that she had made an unsanctioned use of the_ Star of Justice_ a holy relic of St Cuthbert. Through this she asked the question
“Where are the children who were abducted from the Lantern Street Orphanage?”
In reply she received the following cryptic answer –
“The locks are the key to finding them. Look beyond the curtain, below the cauldron. Beware the doors with teeth. Descend into the Malachite hold where precious life is bought with gold. Half a dwarf binds them but not for long.”
Jenya begged the three to help her and with little hesitation agreed – deciding to begin there investigations on the morrow, but not before Galarad worked his way around the taverns in the vicinity looking for clues. There was much talk of the comings and goings of gnomes in the town, especially the locksmith, Kheygan Ghelve, who Galarad discovered produced most of the locks in the town, a definite suspect in the disappearance of the orphans and possibly the other kidnap victims as well.
Once the others discovered this they agreed that more evidence was required and decided to visit the Lantern Street Orphanage the very next day.

The Lantern Street Orphanage

Rising the next morning the three companions found their way to the Lantern Street Orphanage, arriving at the door after the orphan’s breakfast, if the information given by Jenya was correct. They arrived to find the orphanage locked up tight and no sign of the usual bustle of activity in the grounds. Barreck knocked sharply on the door – a small hatch opened half way up the door – looking downwards he caught a glimpse of a pair of eyes – had one of the children answered the door – then a voice barked out in a most un-childlike manner – “Yes. What do you want?”. Galarad at a level with the hatch could see that it appeared to be a halfling woman behind the door, one Gretchyn by name if his sources were right. Then Berreck explained who they were, and that Jenya had sent them’ and with a creaking of the gear like locks the halfling woman opened the door to them.
She quickly told them the tale explaining how the children had disappeared but 4 nights ago, the doors to the orphanage were locked, as were the locks to the children’s dormitory’s, and locked they were the next morning. She also revealed that the there were not the first to be around asking questions, firstly the watch had been around asking the usual questions but they seemed as perplexed as she was. Then the day before yesterday (the 1st Coldeven) two half-elves from the mayor’s office, Fellian Shard and Fario Ellegoth, were round asking questions. They seemed a little more astute than the watch, but they left without giving Gretchyn any idea whether they were able to shed any more light on the kidnappings.
Investigating they found 2 boys and 2 girls were kidnapped. They questioned the other staff leaving the orphanage’s janitor – Patch – to last. Berreck knew there was something shifty about the lad as soon as he saw him, the tusks and the green hued skin were a dead give away to the boy’s bloodline and his evasive answering of questions just made Berreck suspect something. “Alright out with it, what do you know?”
The stuttering boy admitted that he’d been paid a bag of gold to keep an eye on one of the boys, Terrem paid by a halfling drinking buddy of his, Revus Twindaggers. At the sound of this name Galadaral’s ears pricked up – he was a member of the Last Laugh and specialized in confidence tricks and other acts of petty larceny, often posing as a small child. He was a low level operative, surely kidnapping was out of his league?
Gretchyn recalled the boy the lad had arrived traumatized by the death of his father – a sorcerer and the disappearance of his mother that very night. Gretchyn also recalled that the boy stank of something pungent and acrid when he arrived at the Orphanage, carried in the arms of Alex Tercival.
After questioning the teacher Willow at the orphanage about the children she recalled that Terrem was a sullen, moody boy who was given to mood swings.
Gaining no more useful information the three companions headed to the establishment of Kheygan Ghelve, the locksmith, who indeed seemed to be the key to the kidnappings in more way than one.

Ghelve's Locks

Moving swiftly along, a sense of urgency grasping the group, they found their way to Ghelve’s Locks. The hour was still early and the shop was open. Going inside they found Ghelve seemingly alone, but almost as soon as Berreck started talking to him he began nodding his head backwards and raising his eyebrows towards the curtained off back of shop. Berreck guessing his intent burst through and spied a semi-naked humanoid attempting to hide there. The luck of Clangeddin was with Berreck that day as the creature almost disappeared from view but he kept sight of it, cutting off it’s retreat and hitting it with a well placed blow from his axe. A magic missile from Fflar felled the foul creature as it scrabbled at what turned out to be a secret door. Kheygan quickly confessed his guilt in supplying the keys to ‘the dark ones’ who have been carrying out the kidnappings over the past 3 months. Berreck quickly went back to their digs on Ash Avenue returning with their gear ready to explore the ancient gnomish enclave of Jzadirune. Keygan supplied them with a rough map of the complex and gathering their packs they prepared to enter the underworld below Cauldron.


Swiftly gathering their equipment from their lodgings the three companions descended into the darkness of the abandoned gnome academy. Below they found a dwarven crafted complex, but embellished with gnomish art and protected by gnome-crafted traps. Also they encountered more of the skulks like those they had found in Ghelve’s Locks. Attacking from the shadows, they managed to inflict some injuries on the three, but none lethal. They found them to be cowardly, one capturing them immediately telling what it knew, but also treacherous. The same Skulk, cured by Berreck, led them into a shadowed hallway where they were attacked by several of it’s weaker companions. After this interlude the lift leading down to the Malachite Fortress was found. After defeating two hobgoblin mercenaries standing watch over the shaft the three adventurers, after a short rest to catch their breath, pressed onward passing down deeper into the ground to the Malachite Fortress.

The Malachite Fortress - The Entrance

Descending into the former Dwarven Fortress the three adventurers moved out of the lift into an echoing hallway, dark and forbidding. Moving down the hallway the three felt the weight of the rock above on their shoulders it seemed and their footsteps echoed eerily about them. Moving into the hallway they were attacked by a creature of elemental earth, a stone spike. Dispatching it swiftly the three surveyed their surroundings, 2 metal cages caught their attention. Berreck recognized them as cages used to house fire beetles, providing a source of light that did not rely upon magic or fuel, only that the beetles were kept fed – usually a duty reserved for young dwarven priests or clan guards. The empty cages swinging above their heads however provoked a different reaction from Ffar, where Berreck viewed them with comfortable familiarity, Fflar viewed them with pure terror. Berreck noticing this was about to ask Fflar what was so horrifying when a door on the eastern wall burst open, and a gangling ogre burst through the door, accompanied by a stench of the sewers, wielding his Khopesh he rounded on the three, grunting ..

Ah fresh meat … never mind soon enough rotten ….

and with that he charged directly towards Galarad, his sharp edged weapon dripping with noisome slime

The Malachite Fortress - The Final Conflict

The group spent a tense time fighting a running battle with minions of the slaver. They finally confronted the slaver at the gates to his evil market where he attempted to betray his customer, Pyllrak. A three way battle erupted between the groups which was suddenly interrupted by the intervention of a beholder – a beholder that knew Kazmojen – for that was the slavers name – the fearful creature took Terrem with him leaving the group to face Kazmojen once again. Once again battle was joined and after a tough fight the slaver was finally defeated, leaving the adventurers chance to release his remaining captives. Amongst these captives were 2 people of more than a passing interest. One a tough warrior, Krllscar Endercott, offered his services as a mercenary – the offer was gladly picked up by the party paying 100 silvers as a retainer for his services – the gruff fighter accepted the payment gladly and soon turned up at the house rented by Berreck offering his services as a guard.


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