The Shackled City Redux

The Malachite Fortress - The Final Conflict

The group spent a tense time fighting a running battle with minions of the slaver. They finally confronted the slaver at the gates to his evil market where he attempted to betray his customer, Pyllrak. A three way battle erupted between the groups which was suddenly interrupted by the intervention of a beholder – a beholder that knew Kazmojen – for that was the slavers name – the fearful creature took Terrem with him leaving the group to face Kazmojen once again. Once again battle was joined and after a tough fight the slaver was finally defeated, leaving the adventurers chance to release his remaining captives. Amongst these captives were 2 people of more than a passing interest. One a tough warrior, Krllscar Endercott, offered his services as a mercenary – the offer was gladly picked up by the party paying 100 silvers as a retainer for his services – the gruff fighter accepted the payment gladly and soon turned up at the house rented by Berreck offering his services as a guard.


Lukedelacey Lukedelacey

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