The Shackled City Redux

The Malachite Fortress - The Entrance

Descending into the former Dwarven Fortress the three adventurers moved out of the lift into an echoing hallway, dark and forbidding. Moving down the hallway the three felt the weight of the rock above on their shoulders it seemed and their footsteps echoed eerily about them. Moving into the hallway they were attacked by a creature of elemental earth, a stone spike. Dispatching it swiftly the three surveyed their surroundings, 2 metal cages caught their attention. Berreck recognized them as cages used to house fire beetles, providing a source of light that did not rely upon magic or fuel, only that the beetles were kept fed – usually a duty reserved for young dwarven priests or clan guards. The empty cages swinging above their heads however provoked a different reaction from Ffar, where Berreck viewed them with comfortable familiarity, Fflar viewed them with pure terror. Berreck noticing this was about to ask Fflar what was so horrifying when a door on the eastern wall burst open, and a gangling ogre burst through the door, accompanied by a stench of the sewers, wielding his Khopesh he rounded on the three, grunting ..

Ah fresh meat … never mind soon enough rotten ….

and with that he charged directly towards Galarad, his sharp edged weapon dripping with noisome slime


Lukedelacey Lukedelacey

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