The Shackled City Redux

Life's Bazaar

First Session

2nd Coldeven – Starday
The three unlikely friends, Galarad, FFlar and Barreck found themselves travelling towards the Tipped Tankard on their way to an evening of carousing and gambling untroubled by the recent troubles of Cauldron, those events not having impacted upon the trio as yet.
As they passed by one of the dark alleyways cutting between the main avenues a shaft of moonlight revealed a terrible sight.
There laid on the ground was a poor priest, of St Cuthbert from his robes, being set upon by a gang of thugs. Immediately upon seeing this Galarad snatching up a loose cobblestone tossed it at one the thugs, felling him with a well aimed blow to the temple. After a short fight the thugs laid unconscious about the three friends.
Just then whilst Galarad searched the fallen thugs for ‘clues’ a falling piece of masonry attracted the attention of both Fflar and Barreck, looking up they saw a shadowed figure attempting to reverse up the roof’s slope. Recovering her composure quickly the woman hissed at them
“Well done! But the cleric lives because we wish it so, not because of your misplaced bravado.” She then points a baleful finger at Ruphus and says,“Take these words back to your temple, priest! The children are lost and no longer St. Cuthbert’s concern.”
Galarad tossing a rock as a parting shot struck a glancing blow on the Last Laugh agent, but she shrugged it off hissing “We will meet again” as she disappeared over the roof tops and out of the adventurer’s grasp.
The trio’s first priority was to Ruphus, helping him along the bruised and battered priest to the Church of St Cuthbert, attracting along the way a watch patrol who were quickly directed to the thugs location.
Arriving at the Church, despite the late hour, they were met by Jenya, Ruphus’s mentor and highest ranking priest, in the absence of the High Priest. She quickly revealed her concern about the kidnappings from the orphanage and revealed that she had made an unsanctioned use of the_ Star of Justice_ a holy relic of St Cuthbert. Through this she asked the question
“Where are the children who were abducted from the Lantern Street Orphanage?”
In reply she received the following cryptic answer –
“The locks are the key to finding them. Look beyond the curtain, below the cauldron. Beware the doors with teeth. Descend into the Malachite hold where precious life is bought with gold. Half a dwarf binds them but not for long.”
Jenya begged the three to help her and with little hesitation agreed – deciding to begin there investigations on the morrow, but not before Galarad worked his way around the taverns in the vicinity looking for clues. There was much talk of the comings and goings of gnomes in the town, especially the locksmith, Kheygan Ghelve, who Galarad discovered produced most of the locks in the town, a definite suspect in the disappearance of the orphans and possibly the other kidnap victims as well.
Once the others discovered this they agreed that more evidence was required and decided to visit the Lantern Street Orphanage the very next day.


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