The Shackled City Redux


Swiftly gathering their equipment from their lodgings the three companions descended into the darkness of the abandoned gnome academy. Below they found a dwarven crafted complex, but embellished with gnomish art and protected by gnome-crafted traps. Also they encountered more of the skulks like those they had found in Ghelve’s Locks. Attacking from the shadows, they managed to inflict some injuries on the three, but none lethal. They found them to be cowardly, one capturing them immediately telling what it knew, but also treacherous. The same Skulk, cured by Berreck, led them into a shadowed hallway where they were attacked by several of it’s weaker companions. After this interlude the lift leading down to the Malachite Fortress was found. After defeating two hobgoblin mercenaries standing watch over the shaft the three adventurers, after a short rest to catch their breath, pressed onward passing down deeper into the ground to the Malachite Fortress.


Lukedelacey Lukedelacey

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